Privacy Policy

The site will collect some of your Personal Data.

Our users are subject to diverse protection standards. We may apply broader standards if need be. You can print this document for reference purposes.

Policy Summary

We collected the following data and use it for the following purposes:

Contacting the User

Contact Form

Personal Data: email address; gender; address; first name; last name; ZIP/Postal code; phone number

Contact Information

Owner contact email:

Full Policy

Owner contact email:

Types of Data Collected

Among the types of Personal Data, the website collects through third parties or by itself are: last name; first name; phone number; gender; city; ZIP code; email address

Personal Data may be collected automatically, or the user may freely provide such. Unless otherwise stated, data requested will be mandatory, and the website will only provide services when you provide such Data. When the website states that data is not compulsory, users can decide whether or not to provide such data.

Any use of tracking tools or Cookies by third-party services or the owner of the website is to provide required services to users. Users are responsible for third-party Data published, obtained, or shared through this website.

Mode and place of processing Data

Methods of processing

The owner of the website takes measures to prevent disclosure modification, unauthorized destruction, or unauthorized access of data.

Data processing is carried out with IT-enabled tools and computers. Organizational procedures are followed. Data may be made available to certain people in charge of the operations of the website or other external parties.

Legal basis of processing

The owner of the website may process Data if one of the following applies:

  • Processing is needed for legitimate interests pursued by a third party or even the owner
  • Processing is related to an event of public interest
  • The owner is subject to a legal obligation for which processing is needed.
  • Processing is need for a pre-contractual obligation
  • User gave the owner consent for different reasons

Whichever the case may be, the owner will help to clarify the legal basis for each processing.


Every Data collected will be processed at the operating offices of the owner. It may be processed at the location of involved third parties.

Data may be transferred from one country to another, but it depends on the user’s location. Users may need to learn Data transfer’s legal basis, especially when broader protection is applicable.

Retention Time

Data may be stored and processed for as long as possible. However, it depends on how the data have been collected.


  • Data collected for owners interested may be kept for as long as possible, depending on the owner’s interest.
  • Data collected for performing a contract between the user and the owner may be retained till the end of such a contract.

Users can grant owner permission to retain data for as long as possible.

Purpose of Processing

Data is collected so that the owner can render services. Sometimes, data is collected to protect the rights and interests of third parties or the owner, comply with legal obligations, detect fraudulent activity, respond to request, or contact the user.

The Rights of Users

Users can exercise certain rights with respect to how the owner processes their data. Here are some of the rights users can exercise, especially if they are protected by broader standards:

  • Access their data: Users have the right to know if the owner is processing their data. Users also have the right to collect a copy of the data processing.
  • Withdraw consent when they like: Users can withdraw the consent if they previously gave consent to the owner to share their data
  • Verify and seek rectification: Users can request to verify the accuracy of their data and also make corrections where needed.
  • Lodge a complaint: Users can lodge any complaint regarding their data
  • Restrict the processing of data: Under certain circumstances, users can restrict the owner from processing their data. In this case, the owner must not process their data.
  • Delete or remove personal data: Users have the right to completely remove or erase their personal data from the website.

Right to Object to Processing

Users can object to processing by providing justification for the objection. This is especially when data is processed for the owner or public interest. However, when the processing is for a marketing purpose, the user can object to the processing without providing any justification.

How to Exercise These Rights?

Requests from users to exercise these rights should be directed to the owner via the contact details provided. The owner will address all requests as soon as possible. Also, users will make these requests for free.

Changes to Privacy Policy

The owner has the right to adjust or change the privacy policy. However, users will be notified before this is done.