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Convenient Business and Domestic Storage Services in London

Storage Solution for your Move

Whether you are renovating your property or moving house, decluttering can be an arduous task. If care is not taken, it will only leave your home in chaos. Man with a Van Removals offers storage solutions tailored to your needs. We have many storage facilities spread across the UK. Therefore, you won’t have to go far to get the extra storage you need.

At Man with a Van Removals, we understand the importance of your belongings. We know that some of them are sentimental and expensive. That is the main reason why we guarantee their safety when you use our storage facilities.

With our storage service, you can be confident that your property is safe and secure. Whether you want to store a piece of furniture or an entire property, we are ready to help you. At Man with a Van Removals, we offer different types of storage facilities. This is for varying costs, size, home, and access.

With our self-storage service, you will have regular access to your belongings, which is ideal for house movers. Our mobile self-storage will let you load containers according to your preference. We offer secure and cost-effective storage solutions in the UK.

London Storage

Why choose our Storage Services UK

Safe and Secure

At Man with a Van Removals, we value your belongings. We understand that they are important and expensive, and as such, we ensure their safety. Our storage facilities are equipped with alarm systems and CCTV surveillance. We have also ensured every necessary security measure to guarantee the safety of your belongings.

Tailored Services

Whether it’s long-term storage or short time storage you need, you can count on us. Our storage services are tailored to meet your needs. We have different facilities of different sizes to store any type of belongings.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our team comprises well-trained personnel ready to attend to your needs. If you have any queries, you can rely on us to provide a prompt and effective solution to your needs. At Man with a Van Removals, we ensure effective communication with our customers.


You don’t have to spend a fortune storing your belonging. A lot of people avoid storage services because they think they are expensive. However, at Man with a Van Removals, we offer safe and secure storage solutions that are cost-effective.

Storage with Man with a Van Removals

At Man with a Van Removals, storage is our specialty. We have our own highly secure storage facility, and we offer competitive storage rates. You can count on us to meet your storage needs. Before we seal your storage unit, we will take an inventory of everything you want to store. Rest assured that your goods won’t be touched until the storage period is over.

Long-term Storage

We’ll provide you with storage services that will meet your long-term needs.

  • Discounts for combing services
  • Insurance against theft, destruction, and flooding
  • Complete services – storage, deliveries, removals
  • Secured storage units protected by CCTV cameras

Our long-term storage facilities come with a lot of benefits. At Man with a Van Removals, we provide storage that is suitable for students, private, and business clients. We can also help you with your property renovation. Our services are what you need to make your removal process complete.

Short-term Storage

Get a space saver for your business or home move.

  • Entire removals and short-storage process
  • Protection against flooding, structural damage, and theft
  • Preferential rates for multiple services
  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance of your belongings

Our short-term service is perfect for business-friendly short-term storage and small scare moves. We also tailor our services for students who need short-term storage solutions. Do you need a space to keep your belongings for quick renovations? We can provide you with this solution.

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Whether you are moving abroad or renovating your home or office, we can offer you affordable storage solutions in London. Give us a call now to discuss your storage requirements and get a quote for storage services now.