We are Fully Operating in COVID

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and condition explain the obligations, rights, and responsibilities of all the parties involved in the agreement.

We have a master insurance policy that allows us to provide you with the insurance you need for your belongings. All our insurance will only be made with a separate agreement. Therefore, you might need a separate insurance specialist to help cover your goods.

Below are our liability limitations to guide you:

Items that may be included in your quotation

Before we commence work, both parties must agree in writing on the following:

  • The disassembly or assembly of appliances, furniture, fixtures, or fittings
  • To move loft items, safe access to the loft space must be provided. Therefore, the loft space should have proper lighting.
  • The taking up or re-laying of floor coverings
  • The storage or removal of items not mentioned in our clauses.


Both parties must agree on the following points in writing:

  • The agreed price must be paid in full
  • Payment must be made before items can be stored
  • co.uk can accept payment in cash and card only
  • The overdue amount will be charged daily at an interest rate of 5% per annum
  • A debit card can also be used for payment, but this only applies to people who are not available to make the payments themselves.
  • For hourly jobs, payment must be made as soon as the work is completed
  • When using a card to pay, the payment must be made directly through the customer’s own card to ensure that they can authorize the payment
  • 50% of removals charges must be paid before the commencement of the work
  • Card payment only must be used for international removals

Liability regarding loss or damage

In cases where there is damage due to a breach of contract or our own negligence, we won’t be accountable for the loss if it is less than 150 pounds. However, if the loss or damage is above 150 pounds, we will pay an equivalent amount to replace or repair the item.

Making a claim

To notify us about any item that was damaged during transit, you must write us via email. All claims notification must be sent within seven days of delivery of the items. We won’t be held accountable if it is beyond seven days.

Withholding goods

These terms allow us to withhold or dispose of items if we don’t receive full payment for services rendered. This may include charges we cover for you. We may add other charges to the initial quote with respect to costs we incur while withholding your goods.

Disputes and claims

For unresolved disputes, we may appoint an independent arbitrator to handle the disputes. The cost regarding this can vary, depending on the arbitrator we appoint.

Storage charges

We review charges levied for storing goods periodically. We also notify our customers in writing whenever there’s a change in storage charges.


Due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic, we have taken measures to ensure our safety and yours. These include the following:

  • Washing hands with soap and water
  • We provide our drivers with hand gel to use on the road
  • Avoiding physical contact
  • No handshaking
  • Maintaining social distance with our customers. In some cases, we ask customers to bring the item to the ground floor or front door for collection. The driver will then collect such items from that point.
  • We urge our clients to notify us before we arrive if anyone on the property is showing symptoms of coronavirus or is in self-isolation.

Unforeseen Circumstances

At Man with a Van Removals, we have the right to increase charges or add extra costs to cater to unforeseen circumstances. For example, giving us an incorrect address, waiting extra time to gain access to the property, removing windows, and more.

Cancellation or Postponement

We will charge you an extra 50% of your quote if you cancel or postpone a confirmed booking. For cancellation or postponement within five days before your move, we won’t charge extra, and you will pay for the full value of your job.

Staff Abuse

We won’t tolerate any threatening or unwanted verbal behavior. If our staff leaves the job because of abuse from our customer, such a customer will pay in full for the service.

Please read these terms and conditions. Feel free to contact us if there’s anything you don’t understand. We are happy to discuss anything with you to make things clearer.